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Australia can't get it up

by Pstonie (16 February 2006)

I can think of a few reasons why Australia banned Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure wrote

The Classification Review Board yesterday refused to classify the game, Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, meaning it cannot be sold, demonstrated, hired or imported.
. . .
Set in a city of the future, the game features a world where freedom of expression is suppressed by a tyrannical city government.
. . .
Game players battle the authorities to overthrow corrupt officials using only street fighting skills and graffiti.

The best possible reasons number two:

I mean, c'mon: I think it's pretty obvious. This one hits a little close to home for Australia, which has recently come under tyrannical rule. All material that could be used to incite revolution has been banned. This includes: Movies/Games that make you think, literature with unclear or questionable motives, and all music by the Spice Girls.

Publicity: Imagine you're the marketing department at Atari and you want to generate valuable controversial buzz over your 'controversial' game about paint. The best way to do this is have it banned somewhere, preferably somewhere they don't have a lot of people. Somewhere like Australia or Kazakhstan. The coin you flipped says 'heads'.