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# We're the princes of the Universe...

by Justas (23 February 2006)

Balthasar has been granted a patent for "methods, systems and processes for the design and creation of rich-media applications via the Internet.", which pretty much now means they own the Internet.

In related news, a formerly relatively unknown company, GGC Media, has just been awarded a patent on elementary particles. They now own the whole universe, with a few minor hypothetical exceptions that the scientists are still figuring out.

The human race (henceforthly to be referred to as "slaves") are expected to gather all of Earth's nacho and boob supplies at the entrance door our headquarters (henceforthly to be referred to as "da hizzouse of da two rulin' wiggizzles") by a time no more or less than 3:00:00 AM UTC +5 GMT DST WTF tomorrow morning, as per the regulations in compliance with the Gregorian Calendar (henceforthly to be referred to as "cheesecake, Captain").

PS. Also, Julia Roberts is to be shot, just for fun.