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Diamond in the dark

by Pstonie (3 March 2006)

If you saw last week's episode of Lost, you'll know what I mean when I say that what happened with the timer has completely fascinated me. Without spoiling it for anyone else, I'll say that the details - the nature of the new symbols - gave it that worst-parts-of-the-bible edge for me. I've become completely obsessed with the mystery of the Dharma Initiative and the even more mysterious 'button'.

I've been trying to crack that code on the Dharma Initiative website. There's not so much as a hint of further information behind the login, but it has to be done, you understand. In the script it's clear that the submitted user ID and password are first combined, then converted to an MD5 hash, and then checked against two available ones. The combination of two fields makes a standard dictionary attack useless. I've created a custom dictionary with different combinations of several words, names and locations from the show, but I fear that it might not be much good. My word list is only 10MB and it spent all night, only advancing to 19%. Even if it completes, a dictionary attack can be foiled by some subtle changes, and it's more than likely that the words used for the login have not occurred in the show yet.

Several others have already tried to get in with no success. Here are the hashes, in case you would like to join the fight: