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Harry's Lost notes

by Pstonie (9 March 2006)

This is the very first guest column, a truly historic occasion. Following my update on cracking the Dharma site code, a man by the name of Harry Mazynarc contacted me and explained to me that he had a few possible theories on the details of Lost. His explanation included a mention that he had 'a limited knowledge of the future', which seemed a bit strange to me, but after I truthfully considered his theories with an open mind, I found them the be quite plausible. Below is the entire message, as received from Harry. (HTML added by myself)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have read your recent update and was pleased to learn that you are a seeker of the Lost truth, just as I am. I feel that I can help you and your readership with unique knowledge of the plot, supplied by a limited knowledge of the future that I possess. Forgive me if my theories seem a little hard to understand at first, as I am currently taking medication that make it difficult for me to concentrate or maintain an erection, two things that are very important to my creative process. Please post this at your site, if you would be so kind.

Traffic monitoring
Using the *Lost numbers as a reference, changing their values only when needed, I managed to track down the address that matches it perfectly. The building residing on that address was mostly unmarked, but I later determined that it was a traffic monitoring station in Ohio. Once inside, I was shocked to find leaflets and other reading materials on their other 'initiatives'. With little effort I was able to track down links to the 'Lost numbers' in various places, such as telephone numbers and printer test pages. I tried to warn as many innocent bystanders as possible before I was forcibly ejected from the property.
* I used the numbers applicable to the earlier seasons (4 8 15 16 23 and 42), as a focus group later decided that more numbers are necessary and the network changed them to (2 4 5 6 8 15 16 42 48 and "Eat Big Mac")

Unsolvable puzzle
The story that's told in the orientation film for station 3 is true, but it's not the whole truth. After the de Grootes were done with the island, they decided that further social studies can be done, on a global scale, with the use of television. Once again, with the funding provided by Alvar Hanso, they set up another project on the island. The study is based on a television show that contains unsolvable clues to a mystery that has no ending. Lost is that very project and it is being beamed into houses around the world. Like the original Dharma Initiative, this is all smoke and mirrors, designed to study human behaviour and to sell more Hanso brand coffee as you stay up late at night to make word lists for cracking the Dharma Initiative website.

Hail to the king, baby
In the season 2 episode, The Hunting Party, Hurley finds a subtle hint to the band Geronimo Jackson. From details later discovered it's clear that most of the band members as well as the de Grootes were on the University of Michigan campus in roughly the same time frame. Hardly proof of anything, you might think, but when you think outside the box you will see that the same way of thinking applied to previously unrelated material brings stunning results. The actual record from student archives for that time period reveals that (at least) the names of the de Grootes were accurate. Furthermore, at least five of the band members from various cover bands shared two or less classes with either of the de Grootes on a semi-regular basis. Not only are all these facts somewhat music related, but most of the five cover band members later left their bands to pursue careers as Elvis impersonators. Not only could I not track any of these persons down, but 5 x 8 = 42. (5 being the number of band members, rounded to the nearest integer and 8 and 42 being one or more of the notorious Lost numbers)

These are my notes. Please ignore the part about Vicky, she is my ex wife and that notation is related to another project.
Alien intervention
Lost was just a normal TV show, until late in season 1 when visitors from other planets realised that they can use the television show to desensitize the human race towards human probing and PVC tubing. I am at this point still not sure what they plan to accomplish with this, but my very educated guess would be that they'll try to abduct Patrick Stewart during the season 3 finale. I am not sure what all this is supposed to mean, but my mind works in mysterious ways so that explains it all, beyond any doubt.

I will rest well tonight, knowing that the details of these terrible plots (whichever turns out to be true) is now out there. I might very well have to spend the rest of my life hiding from the others, but I feel that it's all been worth it. Now use this knowledge as you would a blunt object, and strike it down upon people who didn't see it coming. Anything you can get from their wallets is up for grabs under street law.

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