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by Justas (18 March 2006)

I suppose I should write my own commentary about what I just saw, but this post pretty much sums it all up:

First shown in a presentation at the Game Developers Conference in 2005, Spore is a game where you start out as a single-celled critter, and evolve your way to an underwater, landbased and/or flying creature, then start a tribe, build a city, conquer the planet, and finally go out and explore the rest of the galaxy. And the best thing is: everything is procedurally generated; nothing in the game is preset or programmed, meaning everything is completely random. The player has complete creative control over everything, able to design the creatures, buildings, vehicles, even modelling entire planets to their tastes.

Here's two videos that have been circulating around the internet lately:

The full 1-hour presentation
35 minutes of gameplay footage (taken from the 1-hour presentation)

And to quote myself from that thread:

Holy crap. I first watched the gameplay-only version, and at the beginning I thought "hmm, yeah, okay, this is kind of cool, but the best game ever? Not really."

But then I kept watching and watching and.... whoa. Simply amazing.

More info on the wikipedia. Including this one bit that really fascinates me:

The data transmitted will be extremely small only 1 kilobyte, according to Wright, who presented an analogy: think of it as sharing the DNA template of a creature while the game, like a womb, builds the "phenotypes" of the animal, which represent a few megabytes of texturing, animation, etc.