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On social bookmarking

by Pstonie (10 April 2006)

A few days ago I had an idea which I thought would change the world. What you do is, you let people submit links and rate links that have been submitted by others. That first part is no new idea, it's called democratic editorial control, even though some people call it social bookmarking. My 'great and original' idea was to make the bookmarking social. The system I had in mind would keep a record of the sites/pages you've rated and then compare it with the ratings of every other member of the system, then it would find every user with similar interests. The idea was to automate link delivery, which means that if someone with similar interests liked a page you haven't seen, you'd be notified of the link.

When I did my research I found at least two sites that was already doing this. There's, Reddit, which does almost exactly what I had in mind, but doesn't seem up to the task because of an oversimplified design. Then there's StumbleUpon. It's been around forever, and it achieves and surpasses the idea I had with the addition of a 'stumble' button in your toolbar, which is the best thing for browsing when you've already read all your usual sites. It uses folksonomy to organise pages, and the 'friends' and 'similar stumblers' areas finds you like-minded people and pages.