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And they have a plan

by Pstonie (8 May 2006)

Much like the counter striking zero in Lost has renewed my interest in that show, the season 2 finale of Battlestar Galactica has inflamed my desire to see more of it. It was very well written of course, and the execution of the twist probably required some big brass balls from the writing department. Besides that, there's not anything especially remarkable about it. It's not awesome, in the original sense of the word, besides from those two things I mentioned.

Many of the show's sub-elements are, like all Un-Dharma-related things in Lost, throw-aways to me. I don't really care about Dr. Balthar and Six's ramblings, and I really didn't really find Helo's traipsing around Caprica interesting. What I realised, as I made my way through the whole series again last week (for the third time), is that I am addicted to the large part of the show that involves humanity at war for survival. That includes interpersonal relationships and huge battles between rival base ships and squadrons of vipers, all out and weapons free. There quite literally is no other show like it, as far as I know.