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She's just so something new

by Pstonie (24 May 2006)

I am posting this from a computer that has recently had it's flash and wow factors turned up to roughly 214% of its previous setting. I have installed two pieces of software, namely the Vista sidebar for XP mod and the new Vista Transformation Pack. It's got all the flash, the effects, of Vista, without all the incompatibility of a beta or the not-even-available-yet of Vista.

And I'm really liking all this stuff, although I could imagine a theoretical situation where quickly covering up some porn with another window will prove ineffective, due to all the optional window transparencies. Coupled with some Vista-like task switching, you could have a system that's quite indistinguishable from the genuine article. Visually, that is. All I can say is that Vista better be something spectacular, if they expect to tear me away from what I currently have.