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by Pstonie (6 June 2006)

The other day I noted that Lost was the Chinese finger puzzle of television. While not entirely accurate, the metaphor has its merits. The show seems to use voodoo of dark origins to inspire a thirst for information, and puts you under the impression that the questions you're asking will be answered. At least, that's what I always get from it. In reality, it's quite simply a maze of doors. Eventually the show will open one and I would feel frustrated about waiting so long to see what's behind that door, and then just finding another door.

But then the season 2 finale was amazingly satisfying. It answered my biggest question to a large extent and it did so in a way that couldn't be better if I did it myself. For me, it made all the frustration of season 2 almost worth it. No, scratch that. It was worth it. Immediately after, I tried to compare the finale to that of BSG, and it just wouldn't work. Striking similarities aside, they don't even occupy the same dimensions in my mind.