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by Pstonie (29 June 2006)

Reuters wrote:
A raised eyebrow, quizzical look or a nod of the head are just a few of the facial expressions computers could soon be using to read people's minds.

An "emotionally aware" computer being developed by British and American scientists will be able to read an individual's thoughts by analyzing a combination of facial movements that represent underlying feelings.

If you take into account that Google is currently working on AI to aid advertising, an exchange along the lines of a previous post comes to mind:

COMPUTER: "Good morning, Jeff."
HUMAN: "..."
COMPUTER: "Yes, Jeff. Certainly. Porn. Again."
COMPUTER: "Are you sure you don't want to read some news first, maybe get a weather update or see what's out on the cinema circuit?"
HUMAN: "..."
COMPUTER: "Okay, okay."
COMPUTER: "It's just, you know. Porn. There's not much there. Is this really how you want to spend your life?"
HUMAN: "... ..."
COMPUTER: "Fine. Anything in specific that you'd like to see?"
HUMAN: "..."
COMPUTER: "Oh, god. Not Sydney Moon again. I am so sick of watching that video. And could you turn off the webcam this time?"