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Step inside, take a deep breath

by Pstonie (3 July 2006)

So, the whole new look thing, right? This may well be the very first site redesign that hasn't been accompanied by a complete recoding of the site engine itself. It was meant to, though. The new site engine was being built on a MySQL database and severely optimised code.

But then I lost interest in it and everything else related to PHP. It was just as though a new personality, one that had no interest in recoding the site, had slipped into my skull overnight. But I still thought the design was cool and deserved a public eye, so I manually separated it from the new engine and adapted it to the old one. I hope you like it. I don't foresee any recodings of the engine in the near future as the current one works pretty well. And building a fantastic new system now would be like buying a Ferrari and never driving it.