Ambitious, but rubbish

Battlestar Galactica, yo

Feuer Frei!


Space Quest something!

Back in __ minutes

All the memories are too few


Japanese crows proven more intelligent than average dane

Godzilla plays Super Mario level 1-1

Real-life teleportation invented in Ja..., wait... Denmark?

Photoset: Zombie and pirate rights march

Catchy something something... in Space!

[GGC]Pstonie = Hardcore

by Pstonie (4 July 2006)

The more things change, the more they stay the same. No, wait. To say it better would be to say that change is the only constant in the universe. That sounds like rhetorical nonsense but it's probably true, or something. I don't know.

I'd like to figure out what it is that I'm supposed to be doing here on planet Earth. I have some ideas and ideals that I'd like to explore, but it doesn't ever really get to the doing of it for me. So I'm going to drop off the grid for a while and try to push toward some kind of goal. I'm gonna try to make my own kind of music, as Mama Cass suggested. And I'd like to see how the GGC fits into all this. So, I think I'll seem gone for a while as I attempt it. Justas might take over the updating and the linking until then.