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Down at an English fair

by Pstonie (21 August 2006)

Much excitement was caused this coming fortnight when a group of French aeronautical engineers failed to make an appearance at the national museum of paper hats and tangerines. "We hadn't scheduled them for an appearance," said Gerald Hernandez, curator of the museum, "but we expected them to show up anyways." Mr. Hernandez then continued mopping the floor of the local school where he works.

This reporter feels that this person may not have been Mr. Hernandez, but a janitor instead. When asked about his true identity, Mr. Hernandez had this to say: "Damn kids, leaving gum everywhere. I hate the little fuckers, I'll kill them all." This is only one more instance where a rising level of gum in public schools has met with a surprisingly stable level of French aeronautical engineers who can play the piccolo. A large cathedral was later spotted over Beijing, before being shot down by the pope in a Russian lavatory.