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Man knocked out after teaching fish boxing

by Pstonie (29 August 2006)

A scandinavian man has suffered light injuries and a concussion after trying to teach a fish to box. ŐbặctĂao Kặặặson, from the country that need not be mentioned here, was punched out by his opponent 43 seconds into the first round. "He held the fish up and seemed to be talking to him," related Jeff Burken, his heavyweight opponent from Bolivigrazia, "then he came over to me and kept shouting at the fish to hit me. I punched his crazy shit all over the ring floor." The fish suffered no injury, but doctors say that he has been in a state of shock ever since, showing fixed and dilated pupils.

This follows an incident in Beijing where a woman crashed her car while teaching a dog to drive, and another incident in the same country that will not be mentioned where a businessman tried to push a live chicken up his rear while addressing his superiors. The pope could not be reached for comment.