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by Pstonie (31 August 2006)

Ack Rempi by Raoul Marcheur is making rounds on the net as a "hilariously horrible Sci-Fi novel". I've only read a bit, but it seems to deal with an alien occupation, politics and holiday homes on the coast. What has more mass appeal than that? From the first paragraph of the first chapter, this bit I found particularly amusing:

The occupation had also brought an expediential extension of life, which was found to be shocking by the Earthlings, especially those who had spent some apportionment of their lives on the Earthen lifespan. It was this group who had spent their early years with a single year equal to that of an Earthling year, but who now spent their present years as a ratio of one-hundred to one.
And that's a normal to supernormal Earthen lifespan ratio of 540:23904! To me, it looks like just another Sci-Fi novel that won't make it. Aside from the spelling and grammar, it features the normal set of hackneyed Sci-Fi paradigms. It doesn't seem especially horrible, just as bad as most everything else. But then, what do I know about writing? I thought that writing a short story about the highly fictitious life of a gas particle thing was a good idea.