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Pope cleared for release

by Pstonie (6 September 2006)

Pope John Paul George was given a clean bill of health this week by his personal exorcist. The pope was rushed to the New Vatican Exorcism and Hoedown Center after he was infected by an evil spirit and several spyware applications while reading a Harry Potter book. "We just got the bill of health back from the dry cleaners," commented Dingle Slaptybash, "it's as clean as a... it was pretty clean."

Several fanatical religious groups and other forms of nuttery were worried about the pope's health after he started advertising 'hot naked honies in vatican city' and warning people that they might be infected with spyware. The pope offered to do a free scan to several teenage girls before he was restrained and taken to the exorcism center. Mr. Slaptybash later commented by saying: "There is no doubt in my mind that Harry Potter is evil. He is probably the devil or something. He's just like Hitler. Always killing jews and being generally Hitlery."