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With no personal obligations

by Pstonie (7 September 2006)

I'd like to talk to you today about a service on the net that I've just discovered. is basically a (long overdue) movie recommendations service which has you rate movies on a scale of one to ten. As you rate the movies, it compiles you a list of recommendations for ones you haven't rated (and possibly haven't seen) that you're likely to like.

I started the ratings and applied my own opinions as they were presented alphabetically. I did this for a few pages, taking special care to skip ahead and rate Fight Club. Soon I had about 300+ recommendations, the first page of which included two of Naomi Watts' best movies which I, to my disgrace, haven't seen yet. I mean, that just kinda sold it for me. That, and the fact that it also right away suggested many of my favourite movies which I haven't rated yet. And if you buy now, you get a complimentary air guitar!