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Always on my mind

by Pstonie (11 September 2006)

Just a few days ago I went outside and smelled the air that signaled the closeness of spring. It reminded me of sea air and I thought how nice it would be to actually smell sea air that day. Then I kinda got in my car and took on a 400KM drive to Durban, a seaside city that I've wanted to visit for a while. It turned out to be more like 650KM and I only got there at night, which is when I realised that I really should've made a reservation with a hotel at least a week earlier. After I finally found a hotel and stayed overnight, I went to see the ocean. A few minutes later I got bored and came back home.

They say that getting there is half the fun, but I found it to be all the fun. Even when I was a kid, the best part of vacations was the long drive and the stops for fuel.