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Back in __ minutes

by Pstonie (9 June 2007)

Hello and welcome to GGC Media. You have reached what is referred to as a dead site. The GGC is where my Estonian friend, Justas, and I used to post the fruits of our labour. But like all good things, we got really bored of it and decided to do something else instead.

I have since continued my personal search, 'walking the earth' as I called it, and succeeded in finding my mojo. I have since started blogging, and we'll see what comes next. I don't really know what Justas is up to these days, but it probably involves a jar of pickles and a peeing rodent. Oh yes, and then there's our British friend, Gareth, who used to occasionally supply us with his English wit, music and movie reviews back in the good old days. He's elevated himself to a state of perpetual correctness (AKA blogging). Link below.

Our old work
Our old posts
Zombie Drive-by (My new blog)
Gamma (Where you're always wrong)