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Justas begins his summer vacation with reviews of "Insaniquarium", "Men In Hats" and a little bit of "Elftor".

Urine is sterile and can be used as mouthwash
Read and adjust monocle accordingly

How's your P..EN.I..S?
Spam sucks. Not that we have to tell anyone that, here's a fake test.

Cartoon #1 - Boris in "Cold Tea"
This first (of a couple, I'd hope) cartoon is rather short (35 seconds in total) and it does not have much in the way of a verbal punchline, so expect it to be over before it seems possible.

I bummed (read: stole) the opening screen that M-TV used for Beavis and Butt-Head. I don't imagine that I'll be using this more than once, since I don't want M-TV to send their people to break my fragile human shell.

Climbing a mountain. Why climbing a mountain? I don't know. People still think it's important that we prove our 'obviously superiour' human intelligence by redoing things over and over. All will be lost if we lose the ability to walk up large objects, apparently. The cartoon is just based there, for no apparent reason.

The persons, dialogue and accents are pretty stereotypical. The character of Boris is even based on an ancient stereotype that is assumed dead. So, you can pretty much assume that all this is based on utter nonsense, what fun.

More of me covering my ass can be found in this logg.


Japanised movie covers

Excellent punk band names discovered while doing taxes

"Porn is great"

Scientists create remote-controlled flies

MTA Video'D

GGC's BTVC spotted in Slovenia

A case of the munchies

Pope to be reborn as a superhero