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Dr. VO

by Justas (20 April 2004)

"Dr. Vo - Chapter One" is the first release by GGC media, finished about a week before the site's relaunch. It was originally created as an entry to The Second Annual Space Quest Fake-Off Competition, the results of which have not yet been published at the time I'm writing this. Anyway, I wasn't really planning to even enter the contest, as I didn't have much time, but one afternoon 11 days before the contest deadline, when my Christmas holidays were just about to begin, I got some inspiration for a Space Quest / Austin Powers spoof. So I dug out our copy of Flash 5 and decided to have a go at it.

Since I didn't have much time, I decided to release whatever I'll have made by the deadline as chapter one and work on the rest later. I didn't have time to include any voices or to get any original or matching music, so I just used cheap subtitles and ripped off some music from the soundtracks of Space Quest 4 and 5. However, some people have already offered to help me out in these areas for the next chapters, so those will probably be of higher quality than this. Also, I should give credit to Vizzerdrix who helped me with some ideas and a sketch for the StarCon scene. Oh, and the characters of Baldmember and Fat Captain are based on two regular members of The Subspace Channel, so if you want to find out more about them, you'll have to join the forum.

Launch 'Dr. VO' (291.3 KB)