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Come out swinging

by Pstonie (21 November 2005)

Like Adios, this is mainly a music video made with stunts and other cool-looking things found in San Andreas. The music was Come out swinging from Conspiracy of One by The Offspring.

The vehicles are all from the original game, no replays were used. I edited some handling properties on some of the cars to do things like the drifting (which I did a lot of), and the vertical ascent that the Bandito can be seen doing.

174 clips of video that amounts to over 14 minutes of footage was used to make this video. I didn't run out of clips like I did on Adios, but it got a bit skinny at the end. The verdict seems to be in, my fears have been confirmed, this is "not as cool as Adios".

Download 'Come out swinging' (39.2MB Higher-res DivX) (On the forums)