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Godzilla plays Super Mario level 1-1

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More information on the terribly insignificant - 'via'

So you want to know about the via links, yeah? Well, they're the URL of the site that you got the news bit you're posting from. Just the URL.

To via or not to via:
Now, where my terribly obscure and wholly unneccesary (as usual) nuance comes from is what justifies a 'via' link. Basically, you'd post a via link if the site is not considered to normally be a source of such things, on a web-sized scale. So, if you got a link from /. or any other site that's generally rather hugely well-known, you wouldn't add a via link. An the other hand, if you're getting it from a not-so-huge blog, you could add one. Of course, this is just my opinion. I tend to look at "Does the site I'm via-ing need/want/care about my (limited) hits?"

Tune in next week where I'll write a 2000-word article on how not to be Danish.