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VSB Collection: Episodes 1-6

(The entire concept is more thoroughly explained in the VSB Flash main page)

One day I decided to put the VSB flash series into one file for convenience and because I wanted to submit it to Newgrounds without making six separate tiny entries. So I added some control buttons and touched up the older episodes with a few sound effects or upgraded animations.

However, the crowds at Newgrounds didn't take it so well and the entry was shortly blammed - deleted from the server after failing to score at least 1.60 after 200 votes. To quote a reviewer, "ITS SUPER BLAMED". Judging from the time difference between the end of the upload and the arrival of the first votes, I can assume that most of them didn't get past the very first seconds of VSB1 before judging the entire thing.

It wasn't a complete waste of time, though, as we did get at least one new visitor to the forums. Huzzah!

Launch 'VSB Collection: Episodes 1-6' (618.4 KB)