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Vohaul Strikes Back: The Season Finale

Background info:

(The entire concept is more thoroughly explained in the VSB Flash main page)

From July 21, 2005:

[01:03:37] Thought about the fact next mid-september, VSB will be 1 year old
[01:04:29] Heh
[01:06:30] And if an episode was to be released around this date, it would be the last episode of the first VSB year
[01:07:42] And, like the american soap opera, the ending of the first year should be some kind of real cliche cliffhanger ending with a character dying at the end or 2 people starting a relation or 2 person breaking or drug or someone ending in a hospital's bed or a weird "Luke, I am your father" announcement, and VSB will have all!
[01:08:25] Hehe
[01:37:14] You accept the challenge?
[01:37:19] The season end cliffhanger idea? Yup

And then on August 27, it was finished and released:

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